The name of the organisation shall be the Hayle Film Club.

The objectives of the organisation shall be:

  1. To offer a community cinema experience by re-introducing the opportunity for cinema-going in Hayle.
  2. To offer townspeople an alternative entertainment option that is also reasonably priced.
  3. To foster companionship and a sense of community within Hayle.
  4. To advance the education and enrich the cultural experience of Hayle’s townspeople in their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the art of film.

To achieve these objectives the organisation shall:

  1. Exhibit films on a regular basis for both members and the paying public.
  2. Organise special screenings and discussions as determined by the committee or as suggested by members or the public.
  3. Facilitate opportunities for informal film-related gatherings.

Membership of the organisation shall be open to any adult 16 or over, irrespective of political party, nationality, sexual orientation, religious opinion, race or colour. All members shall pay such subscriptions as the organisational committee shall determine.

The organisation shall be managed according to the following structure:

  • Committee members and officers (chair, treasurer, secretary) shall be elected at a general meeting, to be held at least once each year, with notification at least one month in advance.
  • The organisation shall not be run for the private profit of a member or members.
  • Any balance at the end of the year shall be carried over and devoted to the organisation’s objectives.
  • No members or committee members shall receive payment directly or indirectly for their services or for anything other than legitimate expenses incurred in work for the organisation.
  • Accounts will be produced annually and examined by an independent person.